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PROPEL Propel Retail is a consumer technologies company focused on providing innovative platforms that facilitate billing and service consumption between enterprises and their large customer bases. The company’s solutions empower consumers with the ease and availability of services on their most basic digital devices like mobile phones, personal computers, laptops, PDAs, Tablet PCs, etc.
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possibillion Possibillion Technologies is an idea development company endeavoring to harness the synergistic power of novelty and technology. Driven by the constant urge to challenge the status quo and a passion to explore new realms of possibilities, the company rolls out innovative products that simplify technology consumption, unleash rich experiences and create a longing impact.
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Garbh Garbh is an information portal dedicated to the pregnant women of today. The idea behind the portal is to enrich every moment of pregnancy by making available simple tools and platforms for information sharing. By giving the best of information and experience, Garbh intends to become the confidante of every woman during pregnancy and ever after.
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MedicaleEdge MedicalEdge is a healthcare technology company with a strong focus on delivering innovative solutions for stakeholders across the value chain. The company’s solutions equip doctors, patients, end-users, practitioners, etc., with platforms that enable seamless information delivery, improved linkages and affordable solutions for all.
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Wishworks WHISHWORKS is a UK based global IT services and consulting company with a strong focus on technology and enterprise solutions. Established in 2008, the company work helps medium and large enterprises to improve business performance by leveraging information technology by developing innovative and cost-effective solutions.
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Simplion Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Simplion [simply-on] Technologies is a technology solution provider committed to delivering measurable business advantage for its customers. Simplion specializes in outsourced product development and quality management solutions for customers, ranging from early stage start-ups to established industry leaders.
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Legal Expert Services Legal Expert Services is a process outsourcing company committed to providing quality and cost-effective documentation services for the legal community. Law firms, legal advisors and attorneys can outsource their voluminous nature of documentation and compilation and can instead focus on the core trial proceedings.
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Elite Homes  

Elite Homes is a property management firm focused on apartment societies, maintenance, real estate leasing and brokerage services. Backed by global experiences, the company brings professional practices towards maintenance and endurance of apartment properties. Customers enjoy elevated lifestyles and superior value from their apartment properties.

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Vrisa Vrisa Services is an emerging ITeS company endeavoring to provide world-class Medical Transcription services to doctors, hospitals and healthcare professionals spread across the world. The company is founded in 2004 by an experienced and dynamic team of MT professionals.
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16Frames 16Frames is the ultimate digital sharing machine that provides users a new way to upload, share, print, and deliver digital photos and a number of other imaging products. It provides a wide range of options at very competitive prices.
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arth media solutions Arth is a media solutions company with competencies in fine arts, graphic design and print technology. With its innovative, original and pioneering concepts, Arth has emerged as a professional entity in outlook, approach, execution and reach.
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mybluebox Bluebox is an exciting team of high-energy individuals with a sharp focus on technology products and training services. The company’s full-spectrum of technology products and training services help organizations stay competent and meet business demands.
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This is an architectural BPO that offers critical architectural and design services to architects spread across the globe. The company leverages technology and domain expertise to help clients cut their costs associated with the tedious design and draft processes. Based in US, the company has a back-office at Hyderabad, India.
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